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Tuwaiq Trail Race 3rd Edition: Conquering Challenges, Celebrating Achievements!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

The 3rd edition of the Tuwaiq Trail Race, held on November 11, 2023, roared back with an indomitable spirit, mirroring the strength embodied by the Tuwaiq Mountain and inspired by the vision of His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The event exceeded all expectations, sparking a wildfire of excitement among the 993 runners.

The runners embraced the opportunity to challenge themselves across three distinctive trails: the 10KM AlWadi Trail, flaunting a flat and straightforward course; the 20KM AlManjour Trail, featuring a bit of ascent; and the daunting 50KM Ultra AlArid Trail, notorious for its steep ascent. the event saw a vibrant mix of competitors, with 53.7% participating in the 10KM, 34.8% in the 20KM, and 11.4% in the challenging 50KM trail.

The sheer number of nationalities represented—64 in total—highlighted the Tuwaiq Trail Race as a truly international sporting event. This diversity not only enriched the race experience for participants but also contributed to the global reputation of the Tuwaiq Trail Race as a premier destination for trail runners seeking a challenging and culturally immersive racing experience.

Tuwaiq Trail Race 2023 was more than a global gathering of individual runners—it was a celebration of community spirit with 46 sports groups participating. These clubs, representing diverse backgrounds and training regimens, added a dynamic layer of camaraderie and teamwork to the event.

Beyond the competition, these sports groups created a lively and supportive atmosphere, both on and off the trails. Post-race celebrations were marked by the exchange of stories and emphasizing the shared journey and accomplishments of each club.

The results for the top positions in each category highlighted exceptional achievements:

10KM AlWadi Trail

Female Category:

First place - Giedre Malinauskaite

Second place - Sarah Alabdullatif

Third place - Saffanah Asim

Male Category:

First place - Mana AlOtebi

Second place - Ali AlSadah

Third place - Bahy ElKashef

20KM AlManjour Trail

Female Category:

First place - Jolien Sonneveld Second place - Nathalie Cochet Third place - Alicia Talley

Male Category:

First place - Ahmad Yoosuf Second place - Pete Swart Third place - Conor Barrasford

50KM AlArid Ultra Trail

Female Category:

First place - Rosine Watson Second place - Julie Tora Third place - Stefania Di Santo

Male Category:

First place - Sami Al Saidi Second place - Abdulla Al Thani Third place - Ali Al Hajri

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our success partners— Manafa the official top 3 award presenting partner, Advsto the official age group awards presenting partner, Darb Group , Almarai, Little Caesar, Greens, Anbar Caffee—for their invaluable support and contributions that played an integral role in making this event a success. Their commitment and partnership are deeply appreciated.

After the race, the event area was electrified with the rhythm of Saudi music and the amazing vibes thanks to the collective enthusiasm of the participants and their spectators.

Tuwaiq Trail Race promises even more next year, with new distances and greater achievements. Join us in our journey of endurance, spirit, and shared accomplishments. We can't wait to welcome you again next year!

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