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AlUla Trail Race 2024: A Spectacular Journey Through the Ancient Trails

AlUla Trail Race 2024 recently unfolded its magic on the ancient trails of AlUla, creating an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike. Let's dive into the heart of this extraordinary event that took place on January 11th and 12th for the second time.

AlUla Trail Race 2024 proudly hosted participants from 62 different nationalities, a testament to the global allure of the event. The diverse backgrounds and cultures added a unique flavor to the race, creating an atmosphere of unity and shared passion for trail running.

The buzz began at the Old Town with the bib collection on January 11th, setting the stage for an epic adventure. The day kicked off with the Kids Run, a 1.6km journey at 4:40 PM, adding a touch of excitement for our younger runners, followed by the Sunset Run, 3km shake out run at 5:20 PM, And the participants faced the sunrise while running, creating a magical experience that added a unique twist to their race journey. The interplay of light and shadow on AlUla's landscapes made the Sunset Run an unforgettable adventure. The safety and well-being of our participants were ensured by the dedicated medical team provided by Even Shield. Their presence at every aid station offered reassurance and support throughout the race.

The event area was vibrant with activity, showcasing cultural highlights like Saudi Dance, complemented by a delightful variety of food and beverages. Our sincere appreciation goes to our in-kind sponsors - Kudu (providing free meals) and Nova (ensuring hydration), as well as our food and beverage providers, including Out of Line, Moonshell, and Pink Camel. Participants and attendees had the opportunity to engage with experts, acquiring valuable insights and knowledge focused specifically on trail running, health, and the historical significance of AlUla's trails. Day 1 wrapped up on a positive note, culminating in a successful conclusion highlighted by a thorough race briefing presented in both Arabic and English. This ensured clear communication and understanding for all participants as they prepared for the events scheduled for the following day.

On January 12th, the race unfolded with four different contests, Sharaan Trail 100KM, Hegra Trail 50KM, Elephant Rock Trail 20KM, and AlUla Oasis Trail 10KM, each presenting its own set of challenges and breathtaking scenery. Participants not only conquered the challenging trails but also experienced the beauty of AlUla's landmarks, passing by the majestic Elephant Rock, the historic UNESCO World Hegra, the serene Oasis of AlUla, and the picturesque mountains. The trails not only challenged their endurance but also offered a visual feast of AlUla's natural wonders.

The Old Town echoed with cheers from a supportive crowd that lined the race route. Their encouragement added an extra boost to the participants, turning the entire town into a festive celebration of trail-running spirit.

As participants conquered the trails, medals awaited them at the finish line, symbolizing their triumph over the challenging terrains. Trophies and cash prizes recognized the top three male and female participants in each contest, adding an extra layer of competition and achievement.


Kids Run

  • Boys: 1st place - Faris Almusabbihi, 2nd place - Connor Eccles, 3rd place - Theo Rossiter

  • Girls: 1st place - Sophia Clutton, 2nd place - Zandri Du Plessis, 3rd place - Victoria Fuksa

Sharaan Trail 100KM

  • Males: 1st place - Rachid Elmorabity, 2nd place - Sami Alsaidi, 3rd place - Salameh Alaqra

  • Females: 1st place - Aziza El Amrany, 2nd place - Fatema Husain, 3rd place - Rosine Watson

Hegra Trail 50KM

  • Males: 1st place - Ahmed Sebbar, 2nd place - Saleh Al.saidi, 3rd place - Mickael Gasc

  • Females: 1st place - Karis Brown, 2nd place - Kathryn Neff, 3rd place -Christine Brownfield

Elephant Rock Trail 20KM

  • Males: 1st place - Katib Alialba, 2nd place - Simon Dutton, 3rd place - Salamah Almusabbihi

  • Females: 1st place - Carla Pregigueiro Dominguez, 2nd place - Meaad Barakah, 3rd place - Christine Havinga

AlUla Oasis Trail 10KM

  • Males: 1st place - Thamer Ozaybi, 2nd place - Amin Kroosima, 3rd place - Kadochaa Mahsas

  • Females: 1st place - Sarah Alabdullatif, 2nd place - Sally Hart, 3rd place - Sarah Howe

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Royal Commission of AlUla for providing this incredible opportunity for the second time. A special shout-out to our sponsors - AlUla Moments, SAB, Genisis, And Nova - for their invaluable support in making this event possible.

Thank you to everyone who made the AlUla Trail Race 2024 a monumental success. It was not just a race; it was a celebration of unity, diversity, and the indomitable spirit of trail running. As the ancient trails witnessed the footsteps of enthusiasts from around the world, we look forward to more exhilarating races in the future. Until then, keep the spirit alive and the trails buzzing!

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