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Gerge3an Run 2024: Celebrating Tradition, Sport, and Community

On April 17, 2024, under the spiritual nights of Ramadan and the perfect weather of Wadi Webair, we were delighted to welcome over 400 participants of all ages, both male and female, to the first edition of Ramadan Gerge3an Run. This event, which blended sport and tradition, aimed to promote awareness of staying active during Ramadan while incorporating a sense of fun and celebration.

Gerge3an, a traditional celebration observed in many Arab countries, particularly in the Gulf region, holds special significance in our culture as it takes place in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan. It serves multiple purposes, fostering community bonding, preserving cultural heritage, and embodying the spirit of generosity. During Gerge3an, neighbors come together to exchange greetings, share sweets, and engage in joyful interactions, strengthening social ties and honoring cultural traditions. For children, Gerge3an represents a time of excitement, fun, and innocence, creating cherished memories that they carry with them. By incorporating elements of Gerge3an into our run, we aim to infuse the event with festive energy while promoting values of community, generosity, and cultural appreciation.

The start line was a vibrant display of traditional attire, setting the tone for the festivities ahead. We began with a 1KM Kids' Run, where young participants eagerly dashed through the course. At the halfway point, children eagerly knocked on the door, asking for candies, This fun tradition reflects the spirit of Gerge3an, adding to the festive atmosphere of the eventFinally, at the finish line, they were greeted with well-deserved medals, making them feel like true champions.

Following the kids' run, Adults took to the course for a 3KM run, embracing the traditional style with enthusiasm. As they crossed the finish line, each participant was awarded a medal, symbolizing their achievement and commitment to being active during this holy month.

The event area was filled with excitement as participants engaged in board games and card games, adding to the festive atmosphere. Traditional music filled the air, further enhancing the sense of community and joy.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, whose support made this event possible. NAJDIA Village provided delicious traditional snacks, while Almarai added a special touch with their yummy bites and refreshments. Kiswa demonstrated remarkable initiative by collecting extra clothes for those in need, spreading happiness and warmth within the community.

Additionally, we express our sincere appreciation to our partners: The Royal Commission of Riyadh, the Ministry of Sports, and the Sports for All Federation. Their collaboration and support have been invaluable in bringing this event to life.

As we reflect on the success of Ramadan Gerge3an Run 2024, we look forward to creating more memorable experiences in the future. With your continued support, we are confident that our events will surpass expectations and bring joy to all who participate.

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