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Race Report: SASEM 5K

The first edition of the SASEM 5K was held on Saturday, February 12, 2022, to raise awareness about the importance of AEDs in public places. The event was held in conjunction with the SASEM 2022 conference.

It was a breezy and cloudy afternoon when the event started at 2PM. It kicked off with some upbeat music, an AED awareness campaign with practical practice, and some fun activities at the vendor booths! People were able to register and/or pickup their race kits up until the event start.

10 minutes until the starting horn went off at 4PM, people were directed towards the start line, given a quick course briefing, went through a group warm-up, and then they were off! The course was three laps, and started with a run through the Granadia underpass with cool cultural murals covering the walls all the way through.

Along the lap there was a single water station, where participants passed three separate times: once on each lap. At the end of the first and second lap, participants grabbed a white and green wristband respectively to indicate that they completed the course before heading straight to the finish line. Cheering crowds lined the last u-turn of the lap to cheer on their family and friends.

After the third and final lap, participants were welcomed at the finish line with a medal, music, and the crowds' cheers! It was an extremely exciting sprint to the finish with the first runner, Raad AlAsmari from R7 Run Club, who came in flying with a total time of 18:31, and Finnish competitor Juha-Matti Huhtanen from Riyadh Road Runners, right on his tail with a time of 18:33.

There were 10 separate categories with the top 3 athletes, both male and female, from the open (16-39 years), 40-59, and 60+ age group categories recognized for their outstanding efforts, and as a sign of appreciation for their hard work, the SASEM 5K recognized the top 3 finishers from the Emergency Medicine Healthcare Providers' categories of 16-39, and 40+ with cash prizes, trophies and even 3 public AEDs set-up at Granada Mall under the winners' names!


SASEM 5K - Winners

Female Open

  1. Rosine Watson (24:11) - R7 Run Club

  2. Afaf Altayeb (24:32)

  3. Lilan Hajj Hussain (28:02) - R7 Run Club

Female 40+

  1. Hannan Imam (28:08) - Fitness Time Ladies

  2. Shurug Alkhalifa (28:16)

  3. Sachiko Talbi (32:04) - Riyadh Urban Runners

Female 60+

  1. Nouf Alsaud (54:27)

Male Open

  1. Raad AlAsmari (18:31) - R7 Run Club

  2. Juha-Matti Huhtanen (18:33) - Riyadh Road Runners

  3. Amooory Salah (19:00) - R7 Run Club

Male 40+

  1. Abdullah Alzayir (20:21) - Qatif Runners

  2. Khaled Alsarra (20:38) - R7 Run Club

  3. Thomas Brackmann (21:23) - Riyadh Triathletes

Male 60+

  1. Ameen Al-Khulaitit (25:05) - Qatif Runners

  2. Mohammed Alshehri (28:42) - مشاة الرياض

  3. Ahmad Alokassi (29:04)

Emergency Medicine Healthcare Providers - Female Open

  1. Walaa Barnawi (31:23) - Emergency Medicine Runners

  2. Ruvi Joy Satur (36:11)

  3. Fermi Joyce Aganus (40:45)

Emergency Medicine Healthcare Providers - Female 40+

  1. Baraa Alghalyini (32:52)

  2. Fatema Alsubhi (34:41) - venture outdoors

  3. Nisreen Maghraby (39:33)

Emergency Medicine Healthcare Providers - Male Open

  1. Abdullah Albahrani (21:54) - Qatif Runners

  2. Aldwin Salas (22:01)

  3. Mohammed Alkhunaizi (23:22) - R7 Run Club

Emergency Medicine Healthcare Providers - Male 40+

  1. Bandar Almutairi (27:40) - Emergency Medicine Runners

  2. Mohammed Alnabi (27:44) - Qatif Runners

  3. Anas Khan (28:22) - Emergency Medicine Runners


In Conclusion...

This event was particularly special in that it promoted a great cause. The run itself, as well as the accompanying campaign helped promote the idea that AEDs should be available in all public places in case of an emergency, and it even helped teach people how to use them.

We were thrilled to have everyone join us this time around, and we hope to see more and more friendly faces at our upcoming races. Until, stay active because you never know what's coming next...

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Feb 18, 2022

It was a Brilliant event, I have enjoyed it very much

Thank you Race Arabia


Much appreciated to Race Arabia and whole team for keep motivating for the running and healthy life

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