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Grab a Bro and Let's Go!

The Bro Run, a 3KM event was held at Wadi Hanifah on November 25th, was more than a race—it was a dynamic celebration of Movember awareness. With 300 participants from diverse backgrounds, the event ignited a collective spirit that is more than just running.

The day before the event, on November 24th, Decathlon's The View branch bustled with excited participants who came to collect their race kit. Bib numbers, bags, T-shirts, mustaches, and stickers were distributed, setting the stage for an exciting day ahead.

On race day, the 7:30 AM start signaled the beginning of an extraordinary fun run. Arena's careful warm-up ensured participants were both physically and mentally prepared. Even Though the distance was very short; it was a combination of characters joining the runners, creating an atmosphere filled with energy and enthusiasm. Couplet Musicians stationed every 500 meters added a musical backdrop, turning the run into a harmonious adventure.

The finish line filled up with the epic energy from all the people who witnessed the event. Every participant received a medal, acknowledging their individual efforts in support of the cause.

Post-race celebrations were still going with Ambar's aromatic coffee, Almarai's flavorful snacks, Cleanse&Grow healthy and refreshment drinks, and Mat’has Ice Cream added a touch of sweetness to the joyous atmosphere.

Decathlon remarkably energized the event area by introducing an array of captivating games and engaging activities. Surprising giveaways from 1Pass kept the spirits high.

Muna's Zumba class and Faisal's Shabam class infused the gathering with vibrant rhythms and movements.

The day culminated in an electrifying raffle, rewarding lucky participants with prizes from Decathlon and 1Pass. This success was only possible with the unwavering support of our success partners: Sport for All Federation, Decathlon, , 1Pass, Almarai, Cleanse&Grow, Amber Coffee and Mat'has ice cream

The event concluded on an inspiring story shared by Saad AlMunajim. In a heartfelt message, he illuminated his personal journey navigating the challenges of stuttering and shed light on how he successfully raised awareness about this often-overlooked aspect. Saad's narrative not only added a profound touch to the event but also served as an inspiration for fostering understanding toward those dealing with similar experiences.

The Bro Run was a canvas painted with fun, health, and a shared dedication to raising awareness for Movember. Each step taken by the 300 participants echoed a powerful message that moving for a cause is actually FUN!

Stay tuned for more exciting events and initiatives aimed at creating positive impacts in our community!

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