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Join the 2nd edition of Race Arabia's Ramadan Challenge! The Ramadan Challenge is a race series that will take place throughout the holy month of Ramadan with one race every weekend from Wednesday until Sunday. Participants will challenge themselves to walk or run a greater distance every weekend starting from 5k, 8k, 10k, and ending with the 16k from any location in the Kingdom or beyond.


  1. Race #1 (April 6 - 10) - Adults: 5K, Kids: 1K  (Participants Video)

  2. Race #2 (April 13 - 17) - Adults: 8K, Kids: 1.6K (Participants Video)

  3. Race #3 (April 20 - 24) - Adults: 10K, Kids: 2K

  4. Race #4 (April 26 - 30) - Adults: 16K, Kids:3.2 This race will start on Tuesday at 4PM and end on Saturday at 4AM

How To Upload Your Result

Time: Each race will begin on Wednesday at 4PM and end on Sunday at 4AM.

Location: Virtual


An electronic certificate for each race in the series, and a 5th certificate for those who complete the whole challenge!

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