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Triathlon !! Mind - Body - Techniques

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

As I so much enjoy it, I must be careful with it… Exactly how you do things in life!! BALANCE everything to make it happen and not lose the whole thing.

This is exactly why triathlon is GREAT!!

You can’t push yourself too hard in the SWIM because you still have the RIDE & RUN, and you can’t get nervous in the RIDE because the RUN is about to come 😊 … it’s 60% mindset and the remaining 40% is physical.

So, if you need to know what a “TRIATHLON” is; it is not only a SWIM – BIKE – RUN, but it about equilibrium between you and your body in order to act when needed and know what amount of GAS you need to push to earn your Personal Best Record or to beat your opponent…

Most races in Triathlon Start with Swimming, where it can sometimes be a bit hectic, especially when the START is in a group, where you might be hit, pushed down and swum over. So, the important thing here is to stay calm and make sure you keep that smile since any of these may contribute to ending your race experience at the very beginning.

After the Swim ends, you need to start taking your mind into transition and slowly imagine what you are about to do. Picture how you will take off your wetsuit in order to start cycling. You need to virtually start seeing this in your brain, for the sake of doing it immediately once you arrive at the transition. Then, once you get your Bike and go, here comes the Cycling … The cycling is 50% of the RACE time as they always say. So, if you finish the Cycle in 1hr for a RACE, then your total time is somehow around 2hrs … Make sure to not to push full Gas at the start of the cycling. With the help of such amazing sensors like CADENCE and POWER METERS, you can make your cycling much more consistent and very well monitored until the end of your cycling race.

Then, once you are about to reach the cycling end, start visualizing your transition for the RUN. Picture what you need to put on and what you need to take with you!! It would help a lot if you think about it as CHECK BOX list in your HEAD … and the moment you leave the transition for the RUN, this is where everything now depends on you!! No more waves, no more people, no more bike issues and it’s only you and yourself….

Here I recommend to Go with a steady pace where you need to calculate that last "x"km is FULL GAS and the JOY of passing people is the game here. Make sure you have it always as a constant pace in order to optimize your time and efforts. Don’t over push at the start, always remember that this is the end of everything and it must be PERFECT 😊 …

Once you see the RED or BLUE carpet; that’s it, your efforts and time is made and it’s OVER … have the JOY and FUN of the finish line and plan your next race immediately after this one 😊 …

The Finish Line ... the Start of the next Race ...

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