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The Historic Debut: Inaugural Kingdom Duathlon Unveiled

The Kingdom Duathlon event held during the National Day holiday weekend was a resounding success, showcasing the spirit of athleticism and community participation. The event took place on 22-23 September at King Abdulaziz Equestrian Field in Riyadh, and it featured a unique combination of running and cycling competitions. This report provides an overview of the event, highlighting the total number of participants, race contests, the top 3 winners, and the vibrant race atmosphere.

The Kingdom Duathlon Event witnessed a remarkable turnout of participants, with 650 athletes registered from across the region and beyond. 535 started the race and underscored the popularity of the event and the dedication of individuals to take part in a challenging race during the National Day holiday weekend. The diversity of participants, including seasoned athletes and first-time duathletes, added to the event's appeal.

The event featured 3 main race contests:

1. Sprint Duathlon: This race category included a 5-kilometer run, followed by a 20-kilometer bike, and concluded with another 2.5-kilometer run.

2. Kids Duathlon (11-14): This race category included a 2-kilometer run, followed by a 8-kilometer bike, and concluded with another 600-meter run.

3. Kids Duathlon (8-10): This race category included a 1-kilometer run, followed by a 4-kilometer bike, and concluded with another 500-meter run.

4. National Day Fun Run: The National Day Fun Run added a vibrant and patriotic flair to the Kingdom Duathlon event. Participants from all walks of life came together on this special occasion to celebrate the Saudi National Day. it was a testament to the spirit of togetherness, where people of diverse backgrounds ran side by side, showcasing their love for their country and their commitment to a healthier, more active lifestyle

All race contests challenged participants' endurance, speed, and determination, making it an exciting spectacle for both competitors and spectators. The Saudi National Folklore made an outstanding presence in the event area introducing the beauty of the Said culture and music.

The Kingdom Duathlon Event celebrated the achievements of outstanding athletes who displayed exceptional skill and determination throughout the race. The top 3 winners in each category were:

Sprint Duathlon

Female Category

1. Rebecca Concannon - United Kingdom

2. Sophie Kirkby - United Kingdom

3. Sarah Almadhi - Saudi Arabia

Male Category

1. Abdullah AlAnsari - Mali

2. Ahmed AlQahtani - Saudi Arabia

3. Michal Ondrej - Slovakia

Kids Duathlon (11-14)

Female Category

1. Seren Scott - United Kingdom

2. Judy Emad - Syia

3. Alaa AlAshban - Saudi Arabia

Male Category

1. Abdulaziz Adawi - Saudi Arabia

2. Matthew Dolan - United States

3. Omar Elmouassarani - Syria

Kids Duathlon (8-10)

Female Category

1. Bohdana Ponomarenko- Ukraine

2. Leen Bayounus - Saudi Arabia

3. Deem AlAshban - Saudi Arabia

Male Category

1. Mark Dolan - United States

2. Hans Karlsen - United Kingdom

3. Henry Cumming - United Kingdom

These athletes demonstrated incredible athleticism and sportsmanship, earning well-deserved recognition for their efforts.

The race atmosphere during the National Day holiday weekend was nothing short of electric. Families, friends, and spectators lined the race route, cheering on the athletes with enthusiasm. The event's festive ambiance was further enhanced by cultural performances, food stalls, and live music, creating a carnival-like experience for all attendees. The spirit of camaraderie and unity among participants was palpable, with competitors often encouraging one another during the race.

In conclusion, the Kingdom Duathlon Event in it's firs edition held during the National Day holiday weekend was a tremendous success. With a significant number of participants, challenging race contests, outstanding winners, and a vibrant race atmosphere, it truly showcased the power of sports to bring communities together. The event's success is a testament to the dedication of the organizers, the athletes, and the support of the local community. Last but not least, a huge shout out to our sponsors and success partners and we look forward to next year's edition, which promises to be even more exciting and memorable.

Event Sponsors

1- Calo

2- Saudi Triathlon

3- The Jockey Club

Success Partners

1- Decathlon

2- Echo

3- Wheels

4- Toastic

5- The Burger

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