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Conquering the Trail Verbier by UTMB

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of running in the majestic Swiss Alps, surrounded by breathtaking views and challenging terrains?

If so, you might want to stick around for this blog and learn more about the four runners who participated in the 14th edition of Trail Verbier St-Bernard by UTMB that hosted more than 3,900 runners from 76 countries.

Nezar Al Tuwaijri, Saad Al Hunaidi, Ali AlHudhaif and Sawsan Jumaa, the trailblazers who participated in Trail Verbier by UTMB and conquered one of the most challenging trail races in the world.

Trail Verbier by UTMB is a series of races that take place in the Valais region of Switzerland, with distances ranging from 20 km to 100 km and elevation gains up to 9,300 m+. The races are part of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) circuit, which is considered the pinnacle of trail running. Only the most experienced and prepared runners can take on these races, which require physical and mental endurance, strength, agility and toughness.

Saying that the race was difficult is an understatement. The high altitude with very low oxygen intake, the technical descents and ascents, the physical fatigue and self-doubt. All of these played a major role in making this race a ruthless one.

But regardless of all the challenges, they planned and conquered each in their own time with no other goal than to finish the race, earning the respect and admiration of their fellow runners and organizers.

These runners are an inspiration for all of us who love trail running and aspire to push our limits. They showed us that nothing is impossible with hard work, dedication and passion. They also demonstrated the spirit of their countries the best way possible, and ensured that we should always strive for the better version of ourselves. We congratulate them on their amazing achievement and we hope to see more runners follow their footsteps in the future.

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