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Frequently Asked Questions

1- How can I register?

You can register online from the website by visiting


2- How much does it cost?

10km is 169 SAR

20km is 279 SAR

50km is 399 SAR

3- Can I register on site or on the day of the race?

Last day for registration is 10/11/2023. No registration will be accepted after that. Also, the capacity is limited, which means that the registration will be closed once the contest reaches full capacity. That's why we encourage people to register early before it's too late. 

4- From where can I collect my bib?

Bib collection will be at Advsto according to the date and time below:

Wednesday, November 8th and Thursday , November 9th  from 4-9 P.M.

Friday, , November 10th from 1-4 P.M.

5- Can I give away or sell my bib?

You can transfer your bib to another participant up until November 1st only.

After this date no name transfers are permitted.


6- Do I need to have completed a qualifying event to participate in the 50km?

We do not have any mandatory qualifying event for the 50km .

However, we strongly recommend that you should have successfully completed at least one 50+km off road running event in preparation for this significantly challenging event.

7- What is the cutoff time for each distance?

Cutoff for AlArid Ultra Trail - 50km : 10 hours

Cutoffs for AlManjour Trail - 20km: 4h 15m 

Cutoffs for AlWadi Trail - 10km: 2h 15m 

8- When does the race starts?

 AlArid Ultra Trail - 50km race starts at  5:00 A.M. 

AlManjour Trail - 20km race starts at 5:30 A.M. 

AlWadi Trail - 10km race starts at 6:00 A.M. 

9- Will there be a drop bag area to leave our bags?

Yes, participants of all race categories can benefit from a drop-bag service at the latest 30 minutes before the start, runners bring their drop bag at the designated tent at the designated area.

10- What will I get for participating?

All the participants will get a t-shirt when collecting their bib and a finisher medal once they finish the race.


11- Is there going to be prizes for the winners?

Yes, there will be cash prize award and a trophy for the top 3 female and male of each category


12- What are the Visa requirements to enter Saudi?

E-visa is now available for nationals of eligible countries; you can start the Visa process by visiting:


13- What is the local currency? Can I exchange foreign currency here?

The local currency is Saudi Riyals. There are multiple locations for ATMs and currency exchange centers in Riyadh. Just type in "Currency Exchange" in google map and you'll find the nearest one to you.

14- What are the weather conditions Like?

The expected weather of the capital by November is to be cold with low of 15°C and and high up to 27°C. You can expect about 3 to 8 days of rain in during the month of November. 

15- What type of running shoes are recommended for the race?

Trail shoes are strongly recommended for all distances above 10 km in this race. Regular road running shoes are not suitable for the mix of trail surfaces that are included in the long race categories, including significant sections of gravel, rocks, roots, sand and possibly mud in case of rainfall. For 10k participants, regular running shoes will be fine in dry conditions.

16- What is the minimum age allowed for participating in Tuwaiq Trail Race?

It depends on the contest as the following:

 AlArid Ultra Trail - 50km:  +18

AlManjour Trail - 20km: +16 

AlWadi Trail - 10km race: +12

17- Can I drive to the start line?

Yes, you can.  

18- I don't have a car, Is there going to be shuttle busses?

Yes, only if you requested that on your registration. If you didn't, make sure you email us that you need transportation before November 1st. Any requests after that will not be accepted. 

19- Can I get a refund if I wasn't able to make it to the race?

The race refund policy does not allow refund to be processed to any participant unless there's a medical emergency that caused the participant not to be part of the race. A medical report has to be provided to be reviewed by the race management for a decision to be made. 


You Have More Questions?

Email us at and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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