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Frequently Asked Questions

1- How can I register?

You can register online from the website by visiting

Registration will open soon. Stay Tuned!

2- Can I register for both days?

Yes you can! But make sure you register for each day separately.

It's going to be a two days' special event:

Day 1: Thursday 11/01/2024- the sunset shake off run and the kids run are set to create lasting memories for participants and spectators alike, making AlUla Trail Race 2024 a must-attend event for all those seeking an extraordinary blend of sport, nature, and culture.

Day2: Friday 12/01/2024 - The main race that will bring together sport, heritage and nature for over 1500 participants in four categories: 10KM, 20KM, 50KM and 100KM.


3- Can I register on site or on the day of the race?

Last day for registration is 09/01/2024. No registration will be accepted after that.


4- Can I give away or sell my bib?

You can transfer your bib to another competitor up until 10/01/2023.

After this date no name transfers are permitted.


5- Do I need to have completed a qualifying event to participate in the 50KM and 100KM?

We do not have any mandatory qualifying events for the 50KM and 100KM events. However, we strongly recommend all participants at this level have successfully completed at least one 50+KM off-road running event as part of their preparation


6- What is the cut off time for each distance?

Cut off time will be announced soon


7- Will there be a drop bag area to leave our bags?

Yes, participants of all race categories can benefit from the drop bag service. The designated tent at the event area will be clearly signposted on arrival, and closes 30-minutes before the start of each race


8- What will I get for participating?

All participants who finish their race will receive a finisher medal and t-shirt, as well as photos and customized videos

9- Is there going to be prizes for the winners?

Yes, there will be cash prize for the top 3 female and male of each race


10- What are the Visa requirements to enter Saudi?

E-visa is now available for nationals of eligible countries; you can start the Visa process by visiting:


11- What is the local currency? Can I exchange foreign currency here?

The local currency is Saudi Riyals. There are ATMs in AlUla, but no currency exchange, so you should plan to exchange money in the Riyadh or Jeddah airports. Travelers with Union Pay cards need to be aware that some banks in AlUla do not accept Union Pay


12- What are the weather conditions in AlUla?

Winter is the best time to visit AlUla, with an average high of 70°F (21°C) and a low of 42°F (5°C). Throughout the day, it generally feels mildly cool with a gentle breeze, though It does get colder at night, so it is important to pack some warm clothing. With that in mind, most people should dress in something moderately warm like a sweater


13- Can you recommend a hotel or do you have hotel discounts?

Suggested accommodation options will be announced soon

14- Can you recommend flights to book?

Suggested flights options will be announced soon

15- What type of running shoes are recommended for the race?

For AlUla Trail Race, it is highly advisable to equip yourself with specialized trail shoes when tackling distances exceeding 10 kilometers. Road running footwear falls short in providing the necessary support and traction across the diverse range of trail terrains you'll encounter in the longer distances. These trails are replete with gravel, rugged rocks, twisting roots, soft sand. If you're opting for the 10KM race, standard running shoes will suffice in dry conditions, but for the more challenging long-distance races, investing in proper trail shoes is strongly recommended to ensure both your comfort and safety.

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You Have More Questions?

Email us at and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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